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Relationship Consultant Yasmin E. Nassiry, of Opportunities for Happiness, joins me back on the podcast to talk about her recent venture, YasGuru. She recently published the first episode of her "Love Notes" series called, "Young and Dream." If you're wondering why you haven't found your "soulmate" then you must listen to this episode.

Topics and Links Mentioned In This Episode

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  • @Yas_Guru (Twitter)
  • YasGuru (Website)
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  • YasGuru Youtube
  • Hotness does not equate to compatibility
  • Marriage choice shouldn't be about things that someone didn't choose. Height, skin color, or how much hair they have on their head
  • The mechanics of attraction shift as you get older
  • Why is it hard to get to know yourself? We live in a society where there's not enough quiet, not enough responsibility for young people, and no place for a Higher Spiritual Being
  • Marriage is a means, it's not an end. Having a stable life at home allows you to get on with it, and do what you were placed on this earth to do
  • How do you become self-reflective?
  • You want electricity, but you don't want to get electrocuted


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