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This episode I speak with Imam Luqman Ahmad who is currently the executive director and Imam for the Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Center in Sacramento, California. He discusses his recent blog post titled, “An American Imam weighs in on the Same Sex Marriage Debate“. Is there such a thing as a “Gay Muslim” or “Gay Imam”? What...

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This episode I talk with a young ambitious man named Ali Mahmoud. He is the Founder and Ameer of the very first ACTIVE Muslim Fraternity ‘Alif Laam Meem’ based out of the University of Texas at Dallas. Within a few months of starting ALM Fraternity they have done some amazing things as well as encountered some...

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In Myanmar news I dive into the origins of anti-Muslim hatred in Myanmar (Burma). Can it really be that peaceful Buddhists are blood thirsty vigilantes  out to kill as many Muslims as they can? Or are they provocateurs? There is an angle that the mainstream media does NOT want you to know. But I discuss that...

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With all the technology, social media and networking, how to be a parent in todays world can be (and is) challenging! How do we make sure our children are not swept awash with all this technology? How do we protect them from the evil side of technology? This episode I talk about the #1 tip we...

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This episode I talk about the evil heartless treatment that the migrant workers face in Dubai. About 31% of the population in Saudi Arabia is made up of foreign nationals. There are 1.3 million Indians, 900,000 Pakistani, 500,000 Bangladeshi , 500,000 Filipino, 250,000 Indonesian, 350,000 Sri Lankan in Arabia. You would think if more than 30% of your...

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CAFOs is the main topic of this episode. I talk about the sneaky and extreme ways fast food companies go to buy cheap beef from CAFOs. There has been reports of sick dogs being fed to cows which ends up in your BigMac. This episode is based on a great book I read by Eric...

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He ran on a platform of “change.” He promised the change that everyone wanted. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Innocent people in Pakistan are being killed by US drone strikes and it seems as though the Pakistani government doesn’t mind. Innocent women, children,and elderly are being murdered by US drones in the name of “war.” If...

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This is the very FIRST episode of the Greed for Ilm Podcast! I decided to start by talking about Valentines Day and how it isn’t that lovely of a day in other parts of the world. The truth behind how we get our roses, chocolates and diamonds can be disturbing. Of course, it’s only disturbing...

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