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I started this podcast back on Valentines Day of 2013 (yes, it’s been 3 years since I started this podcast!). I called the very first podcast episode, “Stupid Valentines Day.” I did not name it that because I think Valentine’s Day is stupid. I named it that because I think the marketing machine behind the...

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This episode Dr Paul Craig Roberts, of the Institute Political Economy, joins me to talk about a wide range of political topics. First, we discuss the 2016 candidates and whether any of them are viable in bringing much needed solutions. We also discuss who is behind the “establishment” and what can be done to bring...

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This episode I have Dr Mohamed Ghilan on the podcast. We talk about his background, the crazy curvy road his life took growing up and how he eventually got on track to receiving his PhD in neuroscience. Dr Ghilan’s knowledge expands beyond neuroscience. He is versed in various aspects of the Islamic sciences relating to Theology and...

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This episode Dr Shadee Elmasry joins me. Over the span of an hour and a half we discuss a wide range of topics that are mainly religious in nature and quite controversial such as, whether Muslims are the only ones that go to heaven. Among other topics, Dr. Elmasry shares his views on the newly...

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Over the past 3 years, I have received numerous emails from listeners. This episode I read a handful of emails sent in by listeners of this podcast and discuss them. I keep all senders, and their location, anonymous so don’t worry. If you would like me to read your email in the next episode of...

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I am joined by Health Coach Noor H. Salem this episode. She was kind enough to send me a copy of her book, “Sunnah Superfoods” which provides ingredients and recipes that are wholesome, natural and holistic. We discuss her background, how she got interested in nutrition, what being “healthy” means to her as well as benefits...

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I am joined this episode by Imam Suhaib Webb. We talk about his move from Boston to DC, current projects he has going on such as Center DC and City Sundays and the methodology of seeking Islamic knowledge. About Suhaib Webb Suhaib Webb is an American Muslim Scholar based out of Washington DC. He is...

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I am joined this episode by Yemeni Information Analyst Hisham Al-Omeisy. We talk about the Yemen Crisis. I was referred to Hisham by a past guest of the podcast, Jamila Hanan (episode 15 and 50). My knowledge of the Yemen crisis doesn’t go beyond what I see on mainstream media. In other words, I don’t know...

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Jameel Syed, aka The Muaddhin, joins me this episode to talk about his plans for 2016. He was on the podcast last year when he talked about his “50 Mosques in 35 Days” journey across the United States. Brother Syed started his historic journey on Friday, April 3rd, 2015 and trekked all 50 States in...

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Jennifer Williams, Deputy Foreign Editor at, joins me this episode. We start the podcast by talking about the recent “militia” take over of a government wildlife refuge in Oregon and the similarities between ISIS and extremist right-wing Christian fundamentalist. Jennifer blogged about the militia standoff on Vox after seeing no mainstream media outlet reporting...

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