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I’m joined by NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake. We discuss his background, how he got into the NSA, how he defeated the US govt in exposing their dragnet Trailblazer surveillance program. You can follow Thomas on Twitter @Thomas_Drake1 About Thomas Drake Thomas Andrews Drake is a former senior executive of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), a...

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This episode I am joined by Nader Azzam, aka BonsaiSky. I’m always happy to have a guest who is down-to-earth. Nader couldn’t be more cool and fun to speak with. He shares a few stories of his travels to Palestine that will blow your mind. He’s a loving husband, father to four beautiful children, and...

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Singer and Songwriter Zain Bhikha joins me this episode. Just like me, Zain grew up in the 80’s. We share some of our similar childhood experiences. Zain talks about the beginning of his musical career, his full time profession, Michael Jackson, his special workshop entitled “The Art of Creative Expression” and more. You can buy...

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My heart goes out to the families of the 5 slain military members of the tragic Chattanooga shooting by 24 year old Mohammad Abdulazeez. Abdulazeez was bipolar and suffered from depression yet Government officials are quick to state that Abdulazeez was a “home grown terrorist.” They don’t address the crucial fact that he was bipolar...

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I am extremely excited to have sister Amanda Saab back on the podcast. She was on the podcast before MasterChef Season 6 started back on episode 128. Unfortunately her time was cut short on MasterChef. She joins me to talk about her last day on MasterChef and to answer listener questions. Amanda is the very first Muslim...

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Dr Nora Rowley, a Human Rights Advocate for Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar, discusses the tragic situation facing the Rohingya Muslims. Dr Rowley updates us on the latest news coming out of Myanmar. From women and their babies disappearing from hospitals to the World Food Program food rations being cut by 10-20%. I’m extremely thankful for people...

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We tend to dismiss drug addicts as criminals, weak-willed, losers, (whatever negative word you can imagine). Whenever mainstream media reports on drug addicts it is juxtaposed with a serious crime. As a result, people are programmed to believe this narrative. No one ever addresses WHY people become drug addicts. Why do they resort to these...

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Chris AR Blauvelt, Founder of, joins me this episode to talk about his background and what inspired him to create a crowd-funding website for the Muslim community. With an official launch of Oct 2013, LaunchGood has an impressive 3 million dollars pledged thus far. It goes to show that the Muslim community can come together to support...

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Landon Shroder, a contributor for VICE News, interviews me about an article I wrote it back in February of 2015 titled, “5 Ways To Protect Your Teen From Joining ISIS.” After reading the news of the 3 teens who ran away from their London homes to join ISIS, I found no other option but to express...

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I am joined by Femi Oke, co-host of Al-Jazeera’s The Stream. This episode she shares her background, what got her into journalism, how she ended up at Al-Jazeera and more. It’s rare to see a mainstream media news channel provide news that is based on what the watcher suggests. A lot of mainstream media provide around-the-clock news...

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