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This episode I speak with Kathryn Joyce who is an author and journalist based in New York City. Kathryn is a religion reporter, mainly focusing on women and reproductive issues within the US Evangelical Christian context. Kathryn talks about her recent book “The Child Catchers” and the dark side of the international adoption game. There are...

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Professor Scott Korb of New York University and author joins us to talk about his recent book, Light without Fire : The Making of America’s First Muslim College. He talks about Zaytuna College, which was founded by Hamza Yusuf, Zaid Shakir, and Hatem Bazian. Scott did a wonderful job mixing humor into his book. Whether...

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This episode I have the pleasure to talk with Hena Zuberi. She is the Editor in Chief of and Staff Reporter at the Muslim Link newspaper. We talk about her recent MuslimMatters blog post titled: “Mama can I get Unlimited Internet on my iPad and other Internet Safety Issues” (which can be found here). With about 93% of kids online...

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This episode I speak with Imam Luqman Ahmad who is currently the executive director and Imam for the Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Center in Sacramento, California. He discusses his recent blog post titled, “An American Imam weighs in on the Same Sex Marriage Debate“. Is there such a thing as a “Gay Muslim” or “Gay Imam”? What...

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