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I am joined by brother Hanif J. Williams. Hanif is a humanitarian, motivator, listener, friend, and hosts a award-winning radio podcast called, “The Hanif J. Williams Show.” Brother Hanif’s passion is in helping not only people in the US but also around the world. He acts as the loving uncle that doesn’t judge but listens....

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Jameel Syed, aka The Muaddhin, is back on the podcast to give us a quick update on his hectic schedule. He was on the podcast last year when he talked about his “50 Mosques in 35 Days” journey across the United States. Brother Syed started his historic journey on Friday, April 3rd, 2015 and trekked all...

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Dr Fowzia Siddiqui joins me this episode to talk about her younger sister Aafia Siddiqui. As a child Aafia was extremely intelligent, meticulous, had a photographic memory, and had a love for dolls and balloons. In fact, whenever a balloon popped Aafia would cry. Her love for dolls was channeled into her love for children. She later went on to get...

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Recently, my cousin and his wife took their daughters to a “meet the author” event where they met Children’s Author, and American Muslim, Hena Khan, author of Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns. After the event they contacted me and asked if I could reach out and invite sister Hena on the podcast. So I did...

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Brother Ali is an American hip hop artist, community activist and member of Rhymesayers Entertainment. I am humbled to have him on the podcast today. Not only is it my third anniversary of starting this podcast but more importantly Brother Ali accepted Islam twenty three years ago this day. We talk a wide range of topics over...

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I started this podcast back on Valentines Day of 2013 (yes, it’s been 3 years since I started this podcast!). I called the very first podcast episode, “Stupid Valentines Day.” I did not name it that because I think Valentine’s Day is stupid. I named it that because I think the marketing machine behind the...

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This episode Dr Paul Craig Roberts, of the Institute Political Economy, joins me to talk about a wide range of political topics. First, we discuss the 2016 candidates and whether any of them are viable in bringing much needed solutions. We also discuss who is behind the “establishment” and what can be done to bring...

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This episode I have Dr Mohamed Ghilan on the podcast. We talk about his background, the crazy curvy road his life took growing up and how he eventually got on track to receiving his PhD in neuroscience. Dr Ghilan’s knowledge expands beyond neuroscience. He is versed in various aspects of the Islamic sciences relating to Theology and...

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