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This interview is with dedicated Muslimah, Heraa Hashmi. She is a 19 year old Colorado college student, who had an encounter with her classmate during a group project. Her classmate asked, “why do Muslims not condemn terrorism?” That simple question was part of a myraid of questions / comments that had propelled her to find evidence...

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This episode, I am joined by Ranya Shbeib, co-founder of Muslim Foster Care Association. True modern-day heros, Ranya Shbeib and Sameena Zahoor founded Muslim Foster Care Association to provide a support network for Muslim foster parents, educate the Muslim community about other opportunities to support foster families and foster kids (i.e. mentoring, tutoring, social work), and most importantly raise...

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I am joined by Dr. Meraj Mohiuddin, an American Muslim. Educated in the United States and longing to find an intimate book in English on the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Dr. Meraj, an American physician dedicated himself for 13 years to complete his book, Revelation. In this conversation, he shares the inspiration behind...

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I am joined by Hadi Shakuur, Co-Founder and CEO of He shares his background, and the reason behind starting a “Muslim Airbnb.” Muzbnb offers a platform for Muslim hosts and travelers to keep their hard-earned money within the community, build and expand our social network as well as provide piece of mind when traveling....

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