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Terrorist groups like ISIS uses social media like Twitter to recruit young impressionable minds. They rely on teens who have a “restrictive” household and offer them lies like “freedom, excitement, purpose and belonging.” Teens tend to fall for these lies because their prefrontal cortex is not fully developed. They cannot fully and intelligently judge anything...

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Technologist and Serial Entrepreneur Andreas Antonopoulos joins me this episode to clarify bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. You can follow Andreas Antonopoulos on Twitter via @aantonop and reach out to him via his website here. Topics & Links Mentioned In This Episode: What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin White Paper (by Satoshi Nakamoto) Airbits (Bitcoin Wallet) Breadwallet (Bitcoint Wallet) Bitcoin Average Bitcoin...

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Today’s episode is all about clarifying the misconception that FGM (female genital mutilation) is practiced in Islam. I recently heard a podcast where a “former Muslim” mentioned that FGM is “mandatory under the Shafi’i madhab.” Of course, being Muslim, I was shocked. How can my religion allow such gross acts? How can my religion promote and make...

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Anse Tamara Gray, founder of Rabata, joins me to talk about her background, Rabata and Project Lina. The Project Lina Workshop is a 9-session workshop for Muslim female converts to Islam. It is divided into three main modules – Know Yourself, Declare Independence, and Tend Your Ties. These are representative of some of the issues and problems...

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I started this podcast back on Valentines Day of 2013. I called the very first podcast episode, “Stupid Valentines Day.” I did not name it that because I think Valentine’s Day is stupid. I named it that because I think the marketing machine behind the “Valentine Day industrial complex” is doing an absolutely cunning job...

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This episode I am joined by Princeton Academic Nebil Husayn. He sheds light on numerous questions related to faith vs. spirituality. What is faith? What is the difference between “having faith” and “being spiritual”? Can someone be “spiritual” without having to be “religious”? Husayn answers these questions and more. You can find more about Husayn’s area...

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