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With 2015 right around the corner and resolutions being created, what better way to end 2014 than with an episode on setting goals? Psychologist Haleh Banani joins us this episode to talk about achieving goals. From the importance of setting goals to dealing with procrastination, Sister Haleh answers all the crucial questions that help better...

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Cynthia McKinney joins us this episode to give us an update on her latest teaching endeavor, as well as, teaching us the historical background behind why the West invaded Libya, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Purchasing Cynthia’s Book: “Illegal War in Libya” can be purchased on Amazon Paperback About Cynthia McKinney Cynthia McKinney is an American politician and activist....

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I am grateful to have spoken to Dr. Yasir Qadhi on the podcast. With the mainstream incessant publicizing of extremist groups, Dr. Qadhi takes time to discuss “Islamic” radical groups, such as ISIS. Recent tragedies of beheadings or murdering of innocent school children, leave many questioning the true nature of Islam.  Dr. Qadhi enlightens listeners to...

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The humble and talented international musician, Sami Yusuf, is back on the podcast to talk about his recent musical masterpiece, The Centre. Listen in as he shares the meaning and explains the symbolism in his new songs. This is his second time on the podcast and he generously shares exclusive mentions of Andante’s upcoming projects....

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This episode of the Greed for Ilm Podcast, author Dr Timothy Sharp, aka Dr. Happy, joins us to talk about his book “100 Ways to Happiness.” Dr. Timothy Sharp holds a masters degree in clinical psychology. In 2003, he established The Happiness Institute, which is devoted to enhancing happiness in as many individuals, families, and organizations as...

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