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Mike Prysner joins us to talk about his background, current projects and more! He is the co-founder of March Forward!, an organization of active-duty members of the US military and veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflict that encourages current active duty service personnel to resist deployment. You can read more about Mike here. You can...

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Garin Etcheberry reached out to me and asked if he could come on the podcast to share his travel project. After reading what he is doing I said yes. He joins us this episode to share his vision of spreading peace through his extremely unique projects. One project called “Garin Talks” is an attempt to...

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Shaykh Omar Suleiman shares an important message he delivered at the From Youth Conference in 2012. He is the kind-hearted, friendly giant from New Orleans, Louisiana. Born and raised in America, Shaykh Omar has a unique way of relating to a western audience though his character has gained the love of people of all ages and...

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Jihan Kazerooni joins us to talk about the Bahrain protests. She started working with the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) and Nabeel Rajab in April 2011. Through her work with BCHR she was exposed to the case of the detained Medics who became torture victim. She played a pivotal role in helping to establish...

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