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Chris AR Blauvelt, Founder of, joins me this episode to talk about his background and what inspired him to create a crowd-funding website for the Muslim community. With an official launch of Oct 2013, LaunchGood has an impressive 3 million dollars pledged thus far. It goes to show that the Muslim community can come together to support...

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Landon Shroder, a contributor for VICE News, interviews me about an article I wrote it back in February of 2015 titled, “5 Ways To Protect Your Teen From Joining ISIS.” After reading the news of the 3 teens who ran away from their London homes to join ISIS, I found no other option but to express...

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I am joined by Femi Oke, co-host of Al-Jazeera’s The Stream. This episode she shares her background, what got her into journalism, how she ended up at Al-Jazeera and more. It’s rare to see a mainstream media news channel provide news that is based on what the watcher suggests. A lot of mainstream media provide around-the-clock news...

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I am joined by Ramadan Legacy member Ozzy Majid to talk about their amazing new full featured Ramadan app. There are numerous “Ramadan app” on the market but none like this one. Ramadan Legacy has a unique contemporary sleek look which makes it extremely attractive in a highly competitive app market. Not only is the app’s...

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Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Founder of Youth without Borders, joins me this episode to talk about cars, oil rigs, hijab, and her Ted Talk titled, “What Does My Scarf Mean to You?” which currently has over half a million views. You can follow Yassmin via Twitter @Yassmin_a and contact her via her blog Redefining the Narrative. About Yassmin Abdel-Magied 2015 Queensland...

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According to their website, MEMRI “bridges the language gap between West and the Middle East…” I take a deeper look at who is behind MEMRI and how honest are their translations. Back in 2001 I started to notice mainstream media outlets like CNN, FOX News, crediting MEMRI for their arabic translations. The suspicious thing was that...

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I have activist DeRay Mckesson on the podcast this episode. He talks about his work in journaling protests all across the US as well as police brutality, race, police corruption, the use of force policy, the current focus of protesters and ways that average citizens can participate in making our society a better and safer...

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Mohammed Faris, aka Abu Productive, & founder of, talks about his amazing ProductiveRamadan Online Course. Brother Faris, and his team at Productive Muslim, is at the forefront when it comes to providing practical content on increasing your productivity as a Muslim. He is offering his ProductiveRamadan Online Course from June 1st until the first...

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